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How to improve the absorption rate of carburant?

Date: Jan 20th, 2023
1. It is better to choose a carburizer with moderate particle size and high density. Due to the dense carburizing agent, the larger the particle size is not easy to absorb, relative to the power frequency furnace, medium frequency furnace temperature too fast, petroleum coke carburizing agent in medium frequency furnace absorption rate is lower, in order to make carburizing agent to achieve a higher absorption rate, to avoid long-term high temperature carburizing agent oxidation, in the melting process of the early power should be small enough to extend the graphitization carburizing agent heating time to improve the absorption rate;

2. The absorption rate can be further improved by mechanical mixing and human mixing when necessary. Due to the mixing capacity of intermediate frequency furnace is poor should also assist appropriate artificial mixing such as the use of molten iron to promote the dissolution and diffusion of carburizing agent to improve the absorption rate, the proportion of carburizing agent is small, artificial mixing can reduce the carburizing agent due to floating on the surface and burning, stirring can also reduce the carburizing heat preservation time, shorten the generation cycle, but stirring time is too long will cause serious burning carburizing agent, Therefore, the appropriate feeding process and melting power also play an important role in the absorption of carburizer;

3. Reasonable joining method, not blind one-time joining. In order to avoid slow melting and heating time, in the batching process, scrap steel and carburizing agent are added in batches. The melting time of each batch of charge is about 15 minutes. In the early stage of the chemical material, low power is used to avoid burning of carburizing agent caused by too high temperature. If a total of 130KG carburizing agent needs to be added, 60KG+40KG+30KG way to join, avoid a large amount of carburizing agent suspended in the surface of liquid iron, can not be combined with liquid iron effectively and the temperature is too high to cause serious burning, the same amount of adding a relatively small, avoid adding a large amount of carburizing agent to liquid iron, The phenomenon of incomplete absorption and production delay of graphite carburizer in liquid iron.