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Do You Know The Uses Of Silicon-manganese Alloy?

Date: Nov 28th, 2023
Manganese and silicon are the main alloying elements used in carbon steel. Manganese is one of the main deoxidizers in the steelmaking process. Almost all steel types require manganese for deoxidation. Because the oxygen product generated when manganese is used for deoxidation has a low melting point and is easy to float; manganese can also increase the deoxidation effect of strong deoxidizers such as silicon and aluminum. All industrial steels need to add a small amount of manganese as a desulfurizer so that the steel can be hot rolled, forged and other processes without breaking. Manganese is also an important alloying element in various steel types, and more than 15% is also added to alloy steels. of manganese to increase the structural strength of steel.

It is the most important alloying element in pig iron and carbon steel after manganese. In steel production, silicon is mainly used as a deoxidizer for molten metal or as an alloy additive to increase the strength of steel and improve its properties. Silicon is also an effective graphitizing medium, which can turn the carbon in cast iron into free graphitic carbon. Silicon can be added to standard gray cast iron and ductile iron up to 4%. A large amount of manganese and silicon are added to the molten steel in the form of ferroalloys: ferromanganese, silicon-manganese and ferrosilicon.

Silicon-manganese alloy is an iron alloy composed of silicon, manganese, iron, carbon, and a small amount of other elements. It is an iron alloy with a wide range of uses and a large output. The silicon and manganese in the silicon-manganese alloy have a strong affinity with oxygen, and are used in smelting. The deoxidized particles produced by silicon-manganese alloy deoxidation in steel are large, easy to float, and have low melting points. If silicon or manganese are used for deoxidation under the same conditions, the burning loss rate will be much higher than that of silicon-manganese alloy, because silicon-manganese alloy is used in steelmaking. It is widely used in the steel industry and has become an indispensable deoxidizer and alloy additive in the steel industry. Silicomanganese can also be used as a reducing agent for the production of low-carbon ferromanganese and the production of metallic manganese by electrosilicothermal method.

The indicators of silicon-manganese alloy are divided into 6517 and 6014. The silicon content of 6517 is 17-19 and the manganese content is 65-68; the silicon content of 6014 is 14-16 and the manganese content is 60-63. Their carbon content is less than 2.5%. , phosphorus is less than 0.3%, sulfur is less than 0.05%.