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The effects of silicon briquettes in steelmaking

Date: Oct 28th, 2022

Silicon briquettes are one of our company’s main products. We provide customers with high-quality silicon briquettes, and we introduce silicon briquettes to customers in detail and provide more information about silicon briquettes with years of understanding of silicon briquettes.

As we all know, silicon briquettes are mainly used in the steelmaking industry and play a strong deoxidation effect, thus providing favorable conditions for the production of high-quality steel. To give full play to silicon briquettes, the prerequisite is to use qualified silicon briquettes. The production of qualified silicon briquettes needs to meet two conditions, one is that there is excess fuel in the flame of the small furnace when smelting metallurgical products, and the second is the presence of silica enriched due to poor melting in the stockpile.

In addition to strong deoxidation effect, silicon briquettes also have good heat resistance and electrical conductivity. There is no single silicon in the silicon briquettes. The furnace temperature reaching 700 Celsius in the process of smelting the silicon briquettes, resulting in the combustion of single silicon to form silicon oxide.

In steelmaking, manufacturers add silicon briquettes mainly for deoxidation in molten steel to improve the hardness and quality of steel. silicon briquettes is a new type of composite metallurgical material. Its price is lower than traditional metallurgical materials, and can achieve unexpected results. Therefore, manufacturers purchase silicon briquettes to replace traditional metallurgical materials, mainly to save costs and increase profits.

The reasonable application of silicon briquettes can significantly improve the strength, hardness and elasticity of steel, improve the magnetic permeability of steel, and reduce the hysteresis loss of transformer steel. In addition, the deoxygenation rate of silicon briquettes is very high. silicon briquettes are used as deoxidizers in the steelmaking industry, which can effectively reduce production costs.