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The uses and advantages of graphitized recarburizers

Date: Oct 23rd, 2022
Graphitized recarburizer is a kind of ferroalloy products after graphitization and rich in carbon elements, graphitized recarburizer is often used by many industries, often used in the production of steelmaking and casting. High quality graphitized recarburizer is an essential metallurgical material to produce steel.

What are the uses of graphitized recarburizer?
Graphitized recarburizer has the high carbon content and stable effect after high temperature recrystallization. Graphitized recarburizer is a good reducing agent and inoculating agent in the casting industry. And it is widely used in steelmaking, which can purify the cleanliness of molten steel and improve the quality of steel products.

What are the advantages of graphitized recarburizer?
Graphitized recarburizer is widely used. Graphitized recarburizer is a high absorption rate of ferroalloy products. Carbon content in 80% of the graphitized recarburizer absorption rate is equivalent to more than 90% of the coal carburizer. And graphitized recarburizer is convenient to use, which do not need to increase special equipment. Graphitized recarburizer can also effectively reduce energy consumption and effectively shorten smelting time.

After a thorough understanding of graphitized recarburizer, we can play its maximum effect in use, if you still have any questions about graphitized recarburizer we will serve you wholeheartedly!