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The function of silicon carbon briquettes

Date: Oct 21st, 2022
Silicon carbon briquettes have good deoxygenation effect, reducing the deoxygenation time by 10~30% in steelmaking industry. It is mainly due to the abundant silicon content of silicon carbon briquettes.
Silicon carbon briquettes can quickly reduce the oxygen content in molten steel. It means that silicon carbon briquettes reduce the oxide in molten steel and greatly improve the purity of molten steel.So silicon carbon briquettes has an effect of reducing smelting slag.

In casting, Silicon carbide briquettes are also very important. In casting, Silicon carbide briquettes play a good role in promoting the formation of graphite lattice and nodular ink, improving the quality of casting, and greatly reducing the occurrence of iron nozzle blockage.

Silicon carbon briquettes are the main products of our company. Whether from product quality, or selling price, our company adheres to the principle of good faith management and mutual benefit with our customers. Our company can not only provide high-quality silicon carbon briquettes according to the needs of our customers, but also answer the doubts of our customers.