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Reextracting silicon metal from silicon metal slag

Date: Sep 28th, 2022
Silicon metal slag has been used as waste slag for road paving or pit filling for a long time, causing resource waste, occupying a large number of land resources and wasting a large number of manpower and material resources. Therefore, the development of a simple, low-cost, green and environmentally friendly method to re extract metal silicon from metal silicon slag can realize the reuse of precious resources and create considerable economic value.

The method of reextracting silicon metal from silicon metal slag can effectively extract silicon metal with silicon content greater than 99% from silicon metal slag. Simple operation, low cost, resource reuse, so as to overcome the existing metal silicon slag incompetence. Lack of effective use.

By adding specific auxiliary materials and specific smelting process, silicon metal products with silicon content greater than 99% can be obtained, exceeding the inspection standard of 98% silicon metal, with good finished quality and good market prospects. This method has the advantages of simple operation and low cost, and realizes the reuse of resources, changes the phenomenon of laying and filling pit with silicon metal slag for many years, and the production process is green and environmental friendly. This is a good way to save energy and reduce emissions in silicon industry, which has important social and economic significance.