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Inspection and preparation before installation of slide gate plates

Date: Jan 13th, 2023

1. Refractory mud preparation: the phosphate fire mud and graphite powder according to the ratio of 2:1 poured into the mud hopper, the powder has lumpy particles or debris must be cleaned, evenly stirred and diluted with 20% water, mixed evenly, and covered with plastic paper to prevent dust, debris, etc. from entering the refractory sludge.
2 Check the quality and on-site reserve of refractory mud, slide gate plates bricks, and outlet bricks, and prohibit use when the mud appears wet and agglomerate, and the slide gate plates and the outlet brick do not meet the acceptance standards.
3. Check and confirm the working condition of the two hot repair hydraulic stations, the working pressure should meet 12~15Mpa, the working conditions of the jib crane rotation, lifting and other working conditions are normal, and the maintenance personnel will be contacted in time to deal with problems in time.
4. Check and confirm that there are no leakage points in various energy medium pipelines, joints, valves and hoses, and the leakage points must be contacted and treated before they can be used.
5. All kinds of tools used in production have normal use conditions.
6. Prepare sufficient oxygen burning tubes and paper tubes for waste thermocouples or samplers for ignition.
7. Check whether the hydraulic cylinder leaks oil, whether the hydraulic cylinder and the connecting rod are tightly connected without loosening, and check that there are problems that must be replaced or repaired and used.
8. The selection of refractory materials before the installation of the water outlet and slide gate plates should strictly implement the standards, the surface of the slide gate plates is smooth, no cracks, no burrs, no moisture, no defects in appearance, and no pits and pockmarks on the surface of the slide gate plates.
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