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How to correctly use petroleum coke carburizer?

Date: Jan 13th, 2023
The use of carburizing agent should try to put the carburizing agent in the lower part of the furnace, plus other charges. This can reduce the carburant spillover, but also improve the carburant and liquid iron contact surface, so as to improve carburizing efficiency. If it is a relatively large furnace using carburizing agent, to be added several times, so that it can better improve the dissolution rate of graphitization carburizing agent and improve the absorption rate. At the same time, the carburizing agent is placed at the bottom of the furnace, which can also buffer the impact of the iron material on the bottom of the furnace. This also protects the function of the furnace lining. Carburizing agent used in casting, can greatly increase the amount of scrap, reduce the amount of pig iron or do not use pig iron. So when we use it, we should use it correctly so as to reduce the cost better.
petroleum coke carburizer