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Refractory tundish nozzles and stopper rods

Date: Jan 10th, 2023
Stopper rods: On the tundish of continuous casting machines, integral plugs are widely used. The inert shielding gas ejects from the small hole in the head of the plug rod, which can prevent the aluminum oxide from depositing near the sealing area of the water port, or reduce its aggregation amount, and move the accumulation area down. In order to extend the life of the plug head to facilitate multi-furnace continuous pouring, plug heads with zirconia multilayer or full zirconia plug rods are used on the tundish of the slab caster.
Tudish nozzles: The material of tundish nozzles is selected according to the type of steel poured, when pouring general carbon steel, you can use mullite nozzle containing Al2O3 70~75%. When pouring easy-cut steel, magnesium oxide or zirconia nozzles can be used. When pouring high manganese steel, high aluminum graphite or zirconia nozzles can be used.
 tundish nozzles