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How To Convert 75 Ferrosilicon Into 45 Ferrosilicon?

Date: Jan 19th, 2024
The general refining procedure is roughly as follows:

1. Start lowering the material level eight hours before refining to minimize the accumulation of 75 ferrosilicon materials in the furnace.

2. After the last furnace of 75 Ferrosilicon is finished, iron filings (usually scrap iron blocks) are added. The amount added is usually equivalent to or slightly higher than the amount of iron produced per furnace of normal smelting of 75 Ferrosilicon (need to consider Depending on factors such as the degree of furnace bottom encroachment or the amount of molten iron accumulated in the furnace), 45 ferrosilicon will be released after 1 to 1.5 hours. According to the analysis of the iron sample in front of the furnace, if the silicon is high, an appropriate amount of steel scraps can be added to the molten iron ladle; if the silicon is low, an appropriate amount of 75 ferrosilicon can be added (the addition amount is 45 ferrosilicon per ton. To increase the silicon by 1%, 75 silicon must be added Calculated based on 12 to 14 kilograms of iron).

3. After adding steel scraps, you can add 45 ferrosilicon charge.

For example: there are 3000 kilograms of ferrosilicon in the molten iron ladle, and the Si content analyzed before the furnace is 50%, then the amount of scrap steel that should be added to the molten iron ladle is: