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What Is The Main Use Of Ferrosilicon Granule Inoculant?

Date: Jan 23rd, 2024
Ferrosilicon granule inoculant is formed by breaking ferrosilicon into small pieces of a certain proportion and filtering through a sieve with a certain mesh size. Simply put, ferrosilicon granule inoculant is produced by crushing and screening ferrosilicon natural blocks and standard blocks. Come,

The ferrosilicon particle inoculant has uniform particle size and good inoculation effect during casting. It can promote the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite and is a necessary metallurgical material for the production of ductile iron;

The particle sizes commonly used by ferrosilicon granule inoculant manufacturers are: 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-8mm, or customized according to customer requirements;

Specific uses of ferrosilicon particle inoculants:

1. Can effectively deoxidize during steelmaking;

2. Greatly reduce the time of steelmaking deoxidation and save energy waste and manpower;

3. It has the function of promoting the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite in the production of ductile iron;

4. Can be used instead of expensive inoculants and spheroidizing agents;

5. Effectively reduce smelting costs and improve manufacturer efficiency;