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The Condition Of The Furnace When Smelting Ferrosilicon

Date: Jan 18th, 2024
The characteristics of normal furnace conditions are as follows:

1. The electrode is inserted deeply and firmly into the charge. At this time, the crucible is larger, the material surface has good air permeability, the material layer is soft, the furnace gas is evenly sent out from the furnace mouth, the flame is orange, the material surface has no darkened and sintered areas, and there is no large ignition or material collapse. The material surface is low and gentle, and the cone body is wide. The furnace charge dropped rapidly, and the furnace core surface of the larger-capacity electric furnace sank slightly.

2. The current is relatively balanced and stable, and can provide sufficient load.

3. The tapping work went relatively smoothly. The taphole is easy to open, the road eye is clear, the molten iron flow rate is fast, the current drops significantly after opening the taphole, the molten iron temperature is high, and the slag fluidity and slag discharge conditions are both good. In the later stage of tapping, the pressure of the furnace gas ejected from the tap hole is not large, and the furnace gas overflows naturally. The iron output is normal and the composition is stable.