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Measures to increase the age of the furnace

Date: Jan 8th, 2023
The magnesia carbon brick at the furnace door is the weak point of the closed-loop masonry of the furnace wall. Magnesia carbon brick will produce a large thermal expansion after experiencing high smelting temperature, and it will be released centrally in the furnace door area, so that the magnesia carbon brick arches. For this reason, when building magnesia carbon bricks at the door of the masonry furnace, by adding special materials, reserve 1~2mm brick joints to meet the expansion space between magnesia carbon bricks and eliminate the influence of thermal expansion.
Furnace door electrode is used to fix the furnace door brick, easy to clean up the slag, the traditional masonry with graphite electrode, due to its own short burn service life, replaced by steel water-cooled analog electrode, a good solution to this problem, the service life can reach more than 2000 furnaces.