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Use of ferro vanadium from ZhenAn

Date: Jan 9th, 2023

Ferro vanadium is an iron alloy, its main components are vanadium and iron, but also contains sulfur, phosphorus, silicon, aluminum and other impurities. Ferro vanadium is obtained by reducing vanadium pentoxide with carbon in an electric furnace, and can also be obtained by reducing vanadium pentoxide in an electric furnace by silicothermal method. It is widely used as an additive in the smelting of vanadium alloy steel and alloy cast iron, and in recent years it is also used to make permanent magnets.
Mainly used for smelting alloy steel. About 90% of vanadium consumed worldwide is used in the steel industry. Vanadium in common low alloy steel mainly refines grain, increases steel strength and inhibits its aging effect. In alloy structural steel, the grain is refined to increase the strength and toughness of steel; It is used in combination with chromium or manganese in spring steel to increase the elastic limit of steel and improve its quality. It mainly refines the microstructure and grain of the tool steel, increases the tempering stability of the steel, enhances the secondary hardening action, improves the wear resistance and prolonging the service life of the tool; Vanadium also plays a beneficial role in heat-resistant and hydrogen-resistant steels. The addition of vanadium in cast iron, due to the formation of carbide and promote the formation of pearlite, so that the cementation is stable, the shape of graphite particles is fine and uniform, refine the grain of the matrix, so that the hardness, tensile strength and wear resistance of the casting are improved.