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Ferro Vanadium Chinese Supplier

Date: Jan 9th, 2023
Application of Ferro vanadium: Ferro vanadium is mainly used as alloy additive in steelmaking. The hardness, strength, wear resistance, ductility and machinability of steel can be significantly improved by adding vanadium iron into steel. Ferro vanadium is commonly used in the production of carbon steel, low alloy steel strength steel, high alloy steel, tool steel and cast iron. The use of vanadium in the steel industry has increased dramatically since the 1960s, and by 1988 it accounted for 85% of vanadium consumption. Vanadium in steel consumption proportion of carbon steel accounted for 20%, high strength low alloy steel accounted for 25%, alloy steel accounted for 20%, tool steel accounted for 15%. Vanadium-containing high-strength low-alloy steel (HSLA) is widely used in the production and construction of oil/gas pipelines, buildings, Bridges, steel rails, pressure vessels, carriage frames and so on because of its high strength. At present, the application range of vanadium steel is more and more wide. Ferro vanadium is supplied in bulk or powder form.