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What Is The Function Of Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy?

Date: Mar 4th, 2024
Vanadium is an important alloying element mainly used in the steel industry. Vanadium-containing steel has excellent properties such as high strength, toughness, and good wear resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in machinery, automobiles, shipbuilding, railways, aviation, bridges, electronic technology, defense industry and other industries. Its usage accounts for about 1% of vanadium consumption. 85%, the steel industry accounts for a large proportion of vanadium uses. The demand of the steel industry directly affects the vanadium market. About 10% of vanadium is used in the production of titanium alloys required by the aerospace industry. Vanadium can be used as a stabilizer and strengthener in titanium alloys, making titanium alloys highly ductile and plastic. In addition, vanadium is used primarily as a catalyst and colorant in the chemical industry. Vanadium is also used in the production of rechargeable hydrogen batteries or vanadium redox batteries.

         Vanadium-nitrogen alloy is a new alloy additive that can replace ferrovanadium for the production of microalloyed steel. The addition of vanadium nitride to steel can improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the steel such as strength, toughness, ductility and thermal fatigue resistance, and make the steel have good weldability. To achieve the same strength, adding vanadium nitride saves 30 to 40% of the vanadium addition, thereby reducing costs.

         Vanadium-nitrogen alloy replaces ferrovanadium for vanadium alloying, which can significantly improve the strength of steel bars without affecting the plasticity and weldability. At the same time, it can reduce the amount of alloy added and reduce alloying costs while ensuring a certain strength of steel bars. Therefore, At present, many domestic steel companies have used vanadium-nitrogen alloy to produce high-strength steel bars. In recent years, vanadium-nitrogen alloying technology has also been applied in non-quenched and tempered steel, high-strength thick-walled H-shaped steel, CSP products and tool steel. Related products developed using vanadium-nitrogen micro-alloying technology have excellent and stable quality, low alloying costs, and significant economic benefits, which promote the upgrading of steel products.