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Rock Furnace Method for Production of Low and Medium Carbon Ferromanganese

Date: Feb 28th, 2024
(1) Rock furnace electric furnace method
Rock furnace electric furnace method is the main method of rock furnace smelting application. The basic premise of implementing rock furnace electric furnace method is three furnace linkage.
Firstly, the manganese slag from the by-products of the refining furnace is deposited into the rocker, and then the liquid manganese silicon alloy produced by the mineral heat furnace into the rocker. With the speed of 55-60r/min shaking furnace, the MnO in manganese slag is reduced by silicon in manganese silicon alloy under good kinetic conditions. After the reaction, the chemical heat released by switching ensures that the smelting is carried out normally.

The chemical reaction equation is:
2MnO + Si = = 2 Mn + SiO2. To slag MnO depletion to prescribed requirements after dumping, The waste slag is quenched by water and used to produce building materials. Liquid alloy to refining furnace until the refining of qualified mesocarbon manganese iron; The chemical reaction in the refining furnace is the same as the electrosilicon thermal method.

(2) Silicon Thermal Method of Rock Furnace
The production of low-carbon ferromanganese by the silicon thermal method of rocker furnace was pioneered by the Japanese Shizhima iron alloy and put into formal production. It is first preheated in the shaft to 600 ~ 800 ° C of manganese ore and lime in the rocker, Then the liquid manganese alloy produced by the mineral heat furnace, starting the rocker, rocking speed of 1 ~ 65r/min, When operating, the speed is gradually increased depending on the intensity of the chemical reaction in the furnace.

The main reduction reactions for manganese oxides are: 2Mn2O3+Si===4MnO+SiO2和2MnO+Si===2MnO+SiO2
Most of the desilicon reaction is done in the process of hot-to-manganese silicon alloy, and a small part is done by the full agitation of the rocker. The silicon in the alloy is basically oxidized, the reaction tends to calm when the dumping furnace, the poured slag condensate after crushing for use in the furnace smelting manganese silicon alloy. Liquid alloy casting after the plate number fine stacking.