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Silicon Carbide And Silicon Carbide Powder

Date: Nov 21st, 2022

Different kinds of silicon carbide, in the market application range is also very wide. If divided from the color, there are mainly black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide; If it is divided from the physical state, there are mainly silicon carbide blocks, silicon carbide particles, silicon carbide powder, silicon carbide powder, silicon carbide balls and so on. Although various types of silicon carbide, there are certain differences in the composition and shape, the user in the selection and application, according to the actual production needs, choose suitable and practical silicon carbide. So, in many silicon carbide, silicon carbide powder mainly has what characteristics, in the market is mainly used in what fields?

Silicon carbide powder is a kind of powdery silicon carbide, in the production is the massive silicon carbide through the grinding equipment, the production of different particle sizes of silicon carbide powder. In the market, silicon carbide powder is mainly used in the abrasive industry. Of course, there are other uses of silicon carbide powder, if the silicon carbide powder applied in the line cutting of quartz crystal, the particle size of silicon carbide powder will directly affect the line cutting fruit, this is mainly because in the line cutting, silicon carbide powder processing free state, so the shape of the particle change, will have a direct impact on the cutting efficiency, cutting quality.