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How to distinguish the quality of high carbon ferrochrome powder

Date: Nov 18th, 2022
Requirements for chromium ore: composition: Cr2O3 ≥ 38, Cr/Fe>2.2, P<0.08, C content not exceeding 0.2, moisture content not exceeding 18-22%, etc; The physical condition requires that the iron ore can not penetrate into the impurities, soil layers and other sediments. The particle size distribution of a piece of chrome ore is 5-60mm, and the amount below 5mm shall not exceed 20% of the total output value.

Requirements for coke: composition requirements: fixed constant carbon>83%, ash<16%, volatile matter in the middle of 1.5-2.5%, total sulfur not exceeding 0.6%, moisture not exceeding 10%, P2O6 not exceeding 0.04%; The physical condition requires that the coke particle size distribution is 20-40mm, and the raw materials in the metallurgical industry are not allowed to be too large or broken, and cannot penetrate into the soil layer, sediment and powder.

High carbon ferrochrome powder with good quality improves the wear resistance and hardness of stainless steel products, while the high carbon ferrochrome powder we provide is of good quality and our dedicated attitude allows customers to use it with confidence after purchasing it.