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How to smelt silicon carbide?

Date: Nov 21st, 2022
In the smelting of silicon carbide, the main raw materials are silica based gangue, quartz sand; Carbon-based petroleum coke; If it is smelting low grade silicon carbide, can also be anthracite as raw material; The auxiliary ingredients are wood chips, salt. Silicon carbide can be divided into black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide according to color. In addition to the obvious difference in color, there are also subtle differences in the raw materials used in the smelting process. In order to answer your doubts, my company will mainly focus on this problem for a simple explanation.

When smelting green silicon carbide, it is required that the content of silicon dioxide in the silicon out material should be as high as possible and the content of impurities should be low. But when smelting black silicon carbide, silicon dioxide in silicon raw materials can be slightly lower, the requirements of petroleum coke is high fixed carbon content, ash content is less than 1.2%, volatile content is less than 12.0%, the particle size of petroleum coke can be controlled in 2mm or 1.5mm below. When smelting silicon carbide, adding wood chips can adjust the permeability of the charge. The amount of sawdust added is generally controlled between 3%-5%. As for salt, it is only used in the smelting of green silicon carbide.