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What Are The Indicators Of Silicon Carbide Commonly Used In Casting?

Date: Apr 18th, 2024
Silicon carbide is now in increasing demand by major steel mills and foundries. Since it is cheaper than ferrosilicon, many foundries choose to use silicon carbide instead of ferrosilicon to increase silicon and carburize. Moreover, silicon carbide can also be used. It can be made into various required shapes, such as silicon carbide briquettes and silicon carbide powder, etc. It has low cost and good effect, so it is a very popular product.

The silicon carbide briquettes deoxidizer is particularly suitable for siliconization and deoxidation in ladles. It is the best auxiliary material for siliconization and deoxidation of cast iron/cast steel. It is more effective than conventional particle size deoxidizers and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. When used in smelting and casting, It can completely replace ferrosilicon, greatly reduce the cost of cast steel and improve corporate efficiency. Common specifications are around 10--50mm. This is the generally required particle size of silicon carbide balls.
silicon carbide

Silicon carbide particles and silicon carbide powder are most commonly used in foundries. The general particle sizes are 1-5mm, 1-10mm or 0-5mm and 0-10mm. These are the most commonly used particle size indicators and are also national standard indicators. However, silicon carbide manufacturers can still customize the production of different index contents according to customer needs.

Silicon carbide is often purchased by many large foundries or steel plants. It is used to replace ferrosilicon to increase silicon, increase carbon, and deoxidize. It has good effects and can also save a lot of costs. Silicon carbide with a particle size of 0-10mm is a ferroalloy product used by manufacturers for smelting in small intermediate frequency furnaces and cupola furnaces. In the process of steelmaking, silicon carbide with a particle size of 0-10mm acts as a deoxidizer and is often used by steelmaking manufacturers to make Common steel, alloy steel and special steel.

The market quotation of silicon carbide ferroalloy with a particle size of 0-10mm is still relatively expensive, so you must find a regular manufacturer, which not only has a low price, but also has guaranteed quality. Silicon carbide with a particle size of 0-10mm has different effects during use depending on its silicon content and carbon content. It is recommended that you choose secondary silicon carbide with a content of 88% because it contains both silicon and carbon. High, so it has a fast dissolution time and good absorption rate during the smelting process, and does not affect the steelmaking time. It also reduces the production costs of metallurgical material manufacturers. 88 silicon carbide is also suitable for 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons and other specifications. of ladle.