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Ferrosilicon price recent trend at a glance

Date: Apr 24th, 2024

Ferrosilicon futures plate shock running, spot offer firm, factory morning offer 72 # 1150-1190 USD / tonne.

Market low-priced sources of goods to reduce, most of the factories in the main producing areas of production orders, spot is still tense, delivery bank has inventory, but because the futures plate is high, the plate point price has no advantage, the plate sources of goods to the market circulation is slow, the short-term ferrosilicon to maintain the supply of tense situation.

Ferrosilicon price changes with the market changes, customers need to order, please feel free to contact us。The specific price, need to confirm with Zhen An metallurgical materials.

Ferrosilicon is an important metallurgical material, the main uses include.

1. Used as deoxidiser and reducing agent
In the manufacture of steel, need to add ferrosilicon as a deoxidiser to remove the oxide impurities in the steel, and play a reducing effect. Ferrosilicon can effectively improve the quality and toughness of steel.

2. Manufacture of cast iron and cast steel
In the production of ductile iron and malleable cast iron, need to add a certain amount of ferrosilicon to adjust the silicon content, in order to obtain the required mechanical properties and toughness.

3. Production of silicon alloys
Ferrosilicon and other metals can be made into a variety of silicon alloys, such as silicon aluminium alloy, silicon barium alloy, widely used in the manufacture of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials.


4. Semiconductor industry
High-purity ferrosilicon is also used in the manufacture of silicon monocrystals, is the production of semiconductor devices based on the material.

5. Special glass manufacturing
Some special glass such as quartz glass, optical glass and other manufacturing needs to use ferrosilicon as a flux.

In general, ferrosilicon plays an important role in metallurgy, machinery, building materials, electronics and many other fields. Among them, iron and steel production and silicon alloy manufacturing occupies the main use.