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What are the properties and application industries of ferrosilicon?

Date: Sep 18th, 2023
As a metallurgical raw material, ferrosilicon plays an important role in the metallurgical industry. The following are the main functions, properties and application industries of ferrosilicon as a metallurgical raw material:

The role of ferrosilicon in the metallurgical industry:

Deoxidizer: The silicon in ferrosilicon can react with oxygen and act as a deoxidizer. During metallurgical processes, ferrosilicon can be added to smelted metals to reduce oxygen to gas, thereby reducing the oxygen content in the metal and improving the purity and properties of the metal.

Alloy additives: The silicon and iron in ferrosilicon can form alloys with other metal elements to change the chemical composition and properties of the metal. Ferrosilicon is often used in steel production as an alloy additive to improve the hardness, strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of steel.

Iron source: The iron in ferrosilicon is an important iron source in the metallurgical process and can be used to prepare other alloys or pure iron products.
Ferro Silicon

Ferrosilicon properties and application industries:

1. Magnetic permeability:
Ferrosilicon has good magnetic permeability and is especially suitable for manufacturing equipment requiring high magnetic permeability such as power transformers and motors. In the power industry, ferrosilicon is used to make core materials for power transformers, which can reduce energy loss and improve the efficiency of the transformer.
2. High temperature stability:
Ferrosilicon has a high melting point and good high temperature resistance, allowing it to maintain stability and mechanical properties during high temperature metallurgical processes. It is often used as a raw material for high-temperature alloys, such as in the manufacture of high-temperature furnaces and refractory materials.
3. Foundry industry:
Ferrosilicon is widely used in the foundry industry to improve the fluidity, strength and wear resistance of cast iron. Ferrosilicon is added to cast iron as a casting raw material to improve the quality and performance of castings.
4. Chemical industry:
Ferrosilicon can be used as a catalyst, a catalyst carrier for certain chemical reactions. Ferrosilicon has important application value in chemical engineering and catalyst preparation.

In summary, ferrosilicon as a metallurgical raw material plays an important role in deoxidation, alloying and iron source. Its magnetic permeability, high-temperature stability, and applications in the foundry and chemical industries make it one of the key materials in multiple industries.