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Do You Know The Difference Between Medium Carbon Ferromanganese And Ordinary Ferromanganese?

Date: Dec 21st, 2023
Firstly, medium carbon ferromanganese alloys have a higher manganese content. The manganese content of medium-carbon ferromanganese alloys is generally between 75 and 85 per cent, while that of ordinary ferromanganese is between 60 and 75 per cent. The high manganese content makes medium carbon ferromanganese alloy have better oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance in smelting and casting alloys, and can improve the hardness and strength of the alloy.

Secondly, the carbon content of medium carbon ferromanganese alloy is moderate. The carbon content of medium carbon ferromanganese alloy is generally between 0.8% and 1.5%, while the carbon content of ordinary ferromanganese is only between 0.3% and 0.7%. The moderate carbon content enables the medium-carbon ferromanganese alloy to maintain good liquid properties and fluidity during the smelting process, which is conducive to the infusion and filling capacity of the alloy and improves the comprehensive performance of the alloy.

Then, medium carbon manganese ferroalloy has good solubility. The manganese and carbon as well as other alloying elements in the medium carbon ferromanganese alloy factory which is good can dissolve in the iron better, and the organisation is uniform. While the content of manganese and carbon in ordinary ferromanganese is low, the solubility is not as good as medium carbon ferromanganese alloy, and it is easy to precipitate crystalline material, which reduces the performance and quality of the alloy.

In addition, medium-carbon ferromanganese alloy has better thermal stability during smelting and heat treatment. Due to the relatively high content of manganese and carbon, medium carbon manganese ferroalloys can maintain good stability during heating and cooling, and are not easy to decompose or undergo phase change. This enables the medium carbon manganese-iron alloy to maintain good performance at high temperatures and extends the service life of the alloy.

Finally, medium carbon ferromanganese alloys have some other advantages. Firstly, due to the high manganese content in medium carbon ferromanganese, it has better oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, and is able to maintain good performance in high temperature and corrosive environments. Secondly, the solubility of medium carbon manganese ferroalloy in iron water is better, and it can be mixed with other alloying elements more quickly and evenly. The hardness and strength of medium-carbon manganese-iron alloy are high, which can improve the mechanical properties and wear-resistant properties of alloy materials and prolong the service life of alloy materials.