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Ferrotungsten Production ProcessThermite Method

Date: Oct 10th, 2023
Ferrotungsten Production ProcessThermite Method


In recent years, in order to use scrap cemented carbide powder tungsten cobalt to separate regenerated tungsten carbide after cobalt extraction, the aluminothermic ferrotungsten process has been developed, using regenerated tungsten carbide and iron as raw materials, using aluminum as the reducing agent, and utilizing the tungsten carbide in the The heat energy of its own carbon and aluminum combustion converts the tungsten and iron in the raw materials into ferrotungsten, which can save a lot of electrical energy and reduce costs. At the same time, since the impurities in the raw material tungsten carbide are far lower than those in tungsten concentrate, the product quality is higher than that of ferrotungsten based on tungsten concentrate.

The recovery rate of tungsten is also higher than that of processes using tungsten concentrate as raw material.

Tungsten is expensive. In the production process, attention must be paid to improving the recovery rate. Unqualified products and slag iron must be collected and returned to the furnace. The electric furnace should have high-efficiency furnace gas dust removal facilities to recover tungsten-containing dust.