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Ferrotungsten Production Process Iron Extraction Methodd

Date: Oct 10th, 2023
Ferrotungsten Production Process Iron Extraction Methodd


The iron extraction method is suitable for smelting ferrotungsten containing 70% tungsten with a lower melting point. Silicon and carbon are used as reducing agents; the operation is divided into three stages: reduction (also known as slag depletion), refining and iron extraction. In the reduction stage, there is slag containing more than 10% WO3 left after iron extraction in the previous furnace.

Multiple batches of tungsten concentrate charge are then added, and then ferrosilicon containing 75% silicon and a small amount of pitch coke (or petroleum) are added. Coke) is reduced to smelting, and the slag is discharged when the WO3 content of the slag drops below 0.3%. Then it moves to the refining stage, during which tungsten concentrate and pitch coke mixture are added in batches, operated at a higher voltage, and impurities such as silicon and manganese are removed at a higher temperature.

After taking samples for inspection and confirming that the ingredients are qualified, iron extraction begins. In the past, steel ladles were used to manually dig out iron blocks and put them into the pool. In the early 1960s, Jilin Ferroalloy Factory switched to mechanical iron extraction devices, which improved working conditions.

During the iron extraction period, tungsten concentrate and asphalt coke materials are appropriately added according to the furnace conditions. The smelting power consumption is about 3,000 kilowatt hours/ton, and the tungsten recovery rate is about 99%.