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The Role Of Ferrosilicon Balls

Date: Mar 25th, 2024

 Ferrosilicon balls can increase the fluidity of iron, better slag removal, and improve the toughness and cutting ability of pig iron and castings. Ferrosilicon ball's main components as the name suggests are silicon and iron, through the process of processing, collection, and pressing into the ferrosilicon alloy production by-products, the emergence of ferrosilicon ball reduces the cost of steelmaking, and deoxygenation speed has been improved, ferrosilicon ball can quickly regulate the iron trace elements in the steel water, this is because of the internal silicon and iron C-elements, corresponding to the ferrosilicon according to the requirements of the iron put into the steel when the temperature reaches the standard of the dissolution of the When the temperature reaches the standard of dissolution, the ferrosilicon ball is evenly dissolved in the steel, the silicon, and oxygen in the steel through the reaction to form silicon dioxide, so that the oxides in the steel float on the surface of the steel, which can be easily screened out, thus improving the purity of the steel and improving the quality of the steel.

Ferrosilicon ball production is generally used to produce ferrosilicon alloy and ferrosilicon by-products as the basic raw materials, through the production of the index ratio, the use of equipment and facilities, with convenient storage, good results, ferrosilicon added to the cast iron can be used as nodular graphite cast iron inoculant and can prevent the formation of carbides, and promote the precipitation and periodization of graphite and improve the performance of cast iron. We are manufacturers and suppliers of ferrosilicon, if you need it, you can call us at any time to consult, and we will provide you with satisfactory products and services!