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What Are The Applications Of Ferroalloys

Date: Mar 19th, 2024
Ferroalloys in the foundry industry as steelmaking nucleus inoculant. One of the measures to change the performance of cast iron and cast steel is to change the casting solidification conditions in order to change the solidification conditions, often in the casting before adding certain ferroalloys as nuclei, the formation of grain centre, so that the formation of graphite becomes small dispersed, grain refinement, thus upgrading the performance of the casting.

Ferroalloys can also be selected as reducing agents for steelmaking, silicon alloys are used as reducing agents in the production of other ferroalloys such as ferromolybdenum and ferrovanadium, and silicon chromium alloys and manganese-silicon alloys are used as reducing agents for the production of low- and medium-carbon ferromanganese, respectively;

In the non-ferrous metallurgy and chemical industry, ferroalloys are also more and more widely chosen, for example, low and medium carbon ferromanganese is used to make electrodes, ferrochrome is used as anode material for producing chromides and chromium plating, and some ferroalloys are used to produce high-temperature-resistant materials;

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