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Introduction to the basic knowledge points of ferromolybdenum

Date: Feb 19th, 2024
Ferromolybdenum is an alloy of molybdenum and iron and is mainly used as a molybdenum additive in steelmaking. Adding molybdenum to steel can make the steel have a uniform fine-grained structure, which can help eliminate temper brittleness and improve the hardenability of the steel. In high-speed steel, molybdenum can replace part of tungsten. Along with other alloying elements, molybdenum is widely used in the production of heat-resistant steels, stainless steels, acid-resistant steels and tool steels, as well as alloys with special physical properties. Adding molybdenum to cast iron can increase its strength and wear resistance. Ferromolybdenum is usually smelted by metal thermal method.

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Properties of ferromolybdenum: Ferromolybdenum is an amorphous metal additive during the production process. It has several excellent properties that are transferred to the new alloy. One of the main advantages of ferromolybdenum alloy is its hardening properties, which makes the steel very easy to weld. Ferromolybdenum is one of the five high melting point metals in China. In addition, adding ferromolybdenum alloy can improve corrosion resistance. The characteristics of ferromolybdenum make it have a protective film on other metals, making it suitable for various products.
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Ferromolybdenum production: Most of the world's ferromolybdenum is supplied by China, the United States, Russia and Chile. The basic definition of this ferromolybdenum production process is to first mine molybdenum and then convert molybdenum oxide (MoO3) into a mixed oxide with iron and aluminum oxide. material, and then reduced in the thermite reaction. Electron beam melting then purifies ferromolybdenum, or the product can be packaged as is. Usually ferromolybdenum alloys are produced from fine powder, and ferromolybdenum is usually packed in bags or shipped in steel drums.
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Uses of ferromolybdenum: The main purpose of ferromolybdenum is to produce ferroalloys according to different molybdenum contents and ranges. It is suitable for military equipment, machine tools and equipment, oil pipes in refineries, load-bearing parts and rotary drilling rigs. Ferromolybdenum is also used in cars, trucks, Locomotives, ships, etc., as well as for high-speed machining parts, cold working tools, drill bits, screwdrivers, dies, chisels, heavy castings, ball and rolling mills, rolls, cylinder blocks, piston rings and large drill bits.
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