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The Process Of Producing High Carbon Ferromanganese By Electric Furnace Method

Date: Jan 8th, 2024
Electric furnace operation process

1. Control of smelting environment

In the electric furnace production of high carbon ferromanganese, the control of the smelting environment is very important. The electric furnace smelting process needs to maintain a certain redox environment, which is conducive to the reduction reaction and the formation of slag. At the same time, attention should also be paid to adding an appropriate amount of limestone to stabilize the chemical composition of the slag, which is beneficial to protecting the furnace wall and improving the alloy quality.

2. Control of melting temperature

The melting temperature of high carbon ferromanganese is generally between 1500-1600℃. For the reduction and melting of manganese ore, certain temperature conditions need to be reached. It is recommended that the heating temperature in front of the furnace be controlled at around 100°C, which can greatly shorten the melting time.

3. Adjustment of alloy composition

The alloy composition is directly related to the quality and value of the product. By adding raw materials and adjusting the proportion, the content of manganese, carbon, silicon and other elements can be effectively controlled. Too many impurities will affect the quality of ferromanganese and even produce by-products.

Equipment maintenance and safety management

1. Maintenance of electric furnace equipment

The maintenance of electric furnaces has an important impact on production efficiency and equipment life. Regularly check electrodes, insulation materials, cables, cooling water and other equipment, and replace and repair them in time to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.

2. Production safety management

Production safety management is also an indispensable part of the smelting process. During smelting, safety protection standards must be followed, protective equipment must be worn, and safety conditions around the furnace must be checked. Attention should also be paid to preventing accidents such as slag flow, fire, and furnace mouth collapse.

Product handling and storage

After the preparation of high carbon ferromanganese, if further purification or separation of other elements is required, it can be infiltrated or smelted. The processed pure high-carbon ferromanganese liquid should be stored in a special container to avoid oxidation reactions. At the same time, attention should be paid to environmental sanitation and safe gas management to avoid gas leakage.

In short, the production of high-carbon ferromanganese by electric furnace method is a complex process that requires scientific and reasonable operating steps and strict safety measures. Only by reasonably controlling the melting environment and melting temperature, adjusting the ratio of raw materials, and mastering equipment maintenance and safety management can we produce high-quality, high-purity high-carbon ferromanganese products to meet the needs of the industrial field.