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Tundish Zircona Nozzles
Tundish Zircona Nozzles
Tundish Zircona Nozzles
Tundish Zircona Nozzles
Tundish Zircona Nozzles
Tundish Zircona Nozzles
Tundish Zircona Nozzles
Tundish Zircona Nozzles

Tundish Nozzles

Tundish Nozzles are mainly with Zirconium inserted, featuring high refractoriness, and low expansion rate, superior resistance to erosion/corrosion and thermal shock and long service life. According to customers’ different needs, ZA can provide various sizes and specifications.
Tundish continuous casting machine.
Widely used throughout metallurgical industry
Tundish nozzles are basically used for controlling the flow of steel from the Tundish to the Continuous Casting equipment. Different kind of tundish nozzles include Alumina, Alumina Carbon, Zirconia Alumina Nozzles.
Tundish nozzle is divided into two types: argon blowing and non-argon blowing. The tundish nozzle is embedded in the seat brick at the bottom of the tundish and used in conjunction with the stopper. The tundish nozzle is mainly used to adjust the flow of molten steel entering the mold, and argon can be blown through the inner wall to prevent the nozzle from being blocked.

1.Stable product quality,  all the ladle nozzle well block Series products can meet the national  standards;
2. A long service life in actual use and good reputation .
3.The ladle nozzle well block have the advantages of high strength, good erosion resistance,  thermal shock resistance and good stability etc.


Items Upper Nozzle Lower Nozzle Well Block
Zirconia core Outside Zirconia core Outside  
ZrO2+HfO2(%) ≥95   ≥95    
Al2O3(%)   ≥85   ≥85 ≥85
MgO(%)         ≥10
C(%)   ≥3   ≥3 ≥12
Buik Density  g/cm³ ≥5.2 ≥2.6 ≥5.1 ≥2.6 ≥2.6
Apparent porosity  % ≤10 ≤20 ≤13 ≤20 ≤21
Crushing strength  Mpa ≥100 ≥45 ≥100 ≥45 ≥45
Thermal shock resistance ≥5 ≥5 ≥5 ≥5  


1. Wooden case (Seaworthy standard packing)

2. Pallets (Seaworthy standard packing)

3. Further packing information based on customer's requirements

Q: Does your company's production capacity meet the needs of customers?
A: Our company has strong strength, stable and long-term ability to meet various needs of customers.

Q: Can you make products according to customer's requirements?
A: We can meet all kinds of customized products required by customers.

Q: Why choose us? 
A:We are manufacturer with more than 3 decades in the refractory field,which can help us to solve all the problems in the process of using.We have advanced testing device and excellent inspection.