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silicon-calcium-barium wire
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silicon-calcium cored wire
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Alloy Cored Wire

The cored wire is made of strip-shaped steel strip wrapped with alloy powder. In the smelting industry, the quality of molten steel is improved by feeding the molten steel into the cored wire.
Application: spheroidizing wire/inoculation wire/spheroidizing cored wire/casting steelmaking
Packing method: horizontal and vertical, the cable can be divided into internal tap and external type.
Alloy Cored Wire
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The cored wire is made of strip-shaped steel strip wrapped with alloy powder. According to the difference of alloy powder, it can be divided into: pure calcium cored wire, silicon calcium cored wire, silicon manganese calcium wire, silicon calcium barium wire, barium aluminum wire, aluminum calcium wire, calcium iron wire and so on.

In the melting industry, the quality of molten steel is improved by feeding the molten steel into the cored wire.

The cored wire can more effectively add smelting materials into molten steel or molten iron in the process of steelmaking or casting, effectively avoiding the reaction with air and slag, and improving the absorption rate of smelting materials.

Widely used as a deoxidizer, desulfurizer, and alloy additive, it can change the shape of molten steel inclusions and effectively improve the quality of steelmaking and casting products.

pure calcium cored wire
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Alloy Cored Wire Main components (%) Wire diameter (mm) Strip thickness (mm) Strip weight (g/m) Core powder 
weight (g/m)
Uniformity (%)
Silica calcium wire Si55Ca30 13 0.35 145 230 2.5-5
Aluminum calcium wire Ca26-30AI3-24 13 0.35 145 210 2.5-5
Calcium iron wire Ca28-35 13 0.35 145 240 2.5-5
Silica calcium barium wire Si55Ca15Ba15 13 0.35 145 220 2.5-5
Silica aluminum barium wire Si35-40Al 12-16 Ba9-15 13 0.35 145 215 2.5-5
Silica calcium aluminum barium wire Si30-45Ca9-14 13 0.35 145 225 2.5-5
Carbon cored wire C98s<0.5 13 0.35 145 150  2.5-8
High magnesium wire Mg 28-32, RE 2-4 Ca1.5-2.5, Ba 1-3 13 0.35 145 2.5-5
Silicon barium wire SI60-70 Ba4-8 13 0.35 145 230 2.5-5

Coil Weight: 600kg±100kg, can be produced according to user requirements.
Appearance quality of core-spun wire: firm covering, no seams, no broken lines, uniform core material composition, high filling rate.
Packing: steel strap tight + waterproof plastic film + iron cover
Cable packaging: Horizontal and vertical two types of cable arrangement, divided into two types of packaging: internal tap type and external type.
CaFe Cored Wire

cored wire

Calcium iron cored wire:

Calcium iron cored wire is a method of deoxidizing molten steel in steelmaking, suitable for steelmaking enterprises. Calcium iron cored wire is a core material composed of a mixture of 30-35% metal calcium particles and iron powder. The strip steel is wrapped to make calcium iron cored wire.

Advantages of calcium-iron cored wire: It is suitable for refining molten steel, can remove residual oxygen and inclusions in molten steel, has good fluidity of molten steel, and can reduce refining costs.

High calcium cored wire:

(1) Using high-calcium cored wire for calcium treatment in the production of low-carbon and low-silicon steel can reduce the temperature drop by 2.6°C on average, reduce the silicon increase by 0.001%, shorten the wire feeding time by 1 minute, and increase the yield by 2.29 times compared with the iron-calcium wire.

(2) The feeding amount of iron-calcium wire is 3 times that of high-calcium wire. If it is converted into the same calcium content for comparison, the feeding of iron-calcium wire is 2.45 times that of high-calcium wire.

(3) High-calcium cored wire is used to process molten steel, and the level of inclusions in the steel is equivalent to that of fed iron-calcium wire, which can meet product requirements.

Calcium silicon cored wire:

The main raw material for the production of CaSi Cored Wire is Calcium Silicon alloy. The crushed calcium silicon powder is used as the core material, and the outer skin is cold-rolled steel strip. It is pressed by a professional crimping machine to make the silicon-calcium cored wire. In the process, the steel sheath needs to be tightly packed to make the core material fill evenly and without leakage.

Carbon cored wire:

Carbon cored wire is used for the purpose of increasing carbon in steelmaking, and is used for fine-tuning the carbon content of molten steel, which is beneficial to the control of carbon content in molten steel and can reduce production costs.

Carbon wire features:
1. The yield of carbon is more than 90%, and it is stable.
2. Reduce the production cost, which is lower than the cost of the currently used toner cored wire.
3. The product storage time is extended.

Alloy cored wire is suitable for deoxidation and desulfurization in steelmaking. It can improve the performance of steel, improve the plasticity, impact toughness and fluidity of molten steel. It also has the characteristics of directly entering molten steel for melting and uniform distribution tion.

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silicon metal price per ton

silicon metal price per ton

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