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CaSi Cored Wire
Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Inventory
Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Factory
Calcium Silicon Cored Wires
CaSi Cored Wire
Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Inventory
Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Factory
Calcium Silicon Cored Wires

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire

The usage of Calcium Silicon Cored Wire is mainly for steelmaking. CaSi Cored Wire is mainly used for deoxidation and desulfurization in the steelmaking process.
Calcium Silicon Cored Wires
The main raw material for the production of CaSi Cored Wire is Calcium Silicon alloy. The crushed calcium silicon powder is used as the core material, and the outer skin is cold-rolled steel strip. It is pressed by a professional crimping machine to make the silicon-calcium cored wire. In the process, the steel sheath needs to be tightly packed to make the core material fill evenly and without leakage.

The use of the wire feeding technology to use the Calcium Silicon Cored Wire has greater advantages than the powder spraying and the direct addition of the alloy block. The feeding line technology can effectively put the CaSi cored wire into the ideal position in the molten steel, effectively changing the inclusions. The shape of the material improves the castability and mechanical properties of the molten steel. Calcium Silicon Cored Wire can be used in steelmaking to purify steel inclusions, improve the castability of molten steel, improve the performance of steel, and significantly increase the yield of alloys, reduce alloy consumption, reduce steelmaking costs, and have significant economic benefits.
Grade Chemical Composition (%)
Ca Si S P C Al
Min Max
Ca30Si60 30 60 0.02 0.03 1.0 1.2
Ca30Si50 30 50 0.05 0.06 1.2 1.2
Ca28Si60 28 50-60 0.04 0.06 1.2 2.4
Ca24Si60 24 50-60 0.04 0.06 1.2 2.4

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A: We are manufacturer. We have an expertise of over 3 decades in the field of Metallurgical ad Refractory manufacturing.

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A: We have the best professional engineer and strict QA and QC system.

Q: How's the package?
A: 25KG, 1000KG ton bags or as customers' requirement.

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A: It depends on the quantity you need.