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Silicon metal 3303 today price

Date: Apr 7th, 2023

According to data, the recent metal silicon price has been rising, has hit a new high point for many years. This trend has attracted the attention of the industry, the analysis believes that the supply and demand pattern has been reversed, pushing the price of metal silicon.

First, on the supply side, silicon metal producers around the world are facing rising production costs, leading some smaller players to exit the market. At the same time, restrictions on silicon mining in places such as Europe and the Americas are adding to the supply squeeze.

Second, the demand side is also on the rise, especially in emerging industries such as photovoltaic, lithium batteries and automobiles. Coupled with the promotion of environmental protection policies in recent years, some coal-burning power plants and other energy-consuming enterprises have switched to clean energy, which has also boosted the demand for silicon metal to a certain extent.

In this context, the price of silicon metal continues to rise, and has now broken through the past price bottleneck to reach an all-time high. It is expected that the price will continue to rise for a period of time in the future, which will bring some cost pressure to the related industries, but also bring new opportunities for the development of silicon metal enterprises.

Silicon Metal 3303 2300$/T FOB TIAN PORT