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Applications of Ferro Tungsten

Date: Nov 17th, 2023

Due to its unique properties, ferrotungsten alloys are widely used in many fields. The following are some common ways of using ferro tungsten alloy:

Cutting tools: Due to its high hardness, high melting point and wear resistance, ferro tungsten alloy is widely used in the manufacture of cutting tools such as cutters, milling tools, drills, turning tools and inserts. Ferro Tungsten cutting tools have excellent performance in machining high hardness materials and in high temperature environments.

Protective materials: Due to their high density and hardness, ferrotungsten alloys are used as ballistic and puncture-resistant materials. For example, in applications such as bulletproof vests, tank armor and protective walls, ferro tungsten alloys provide good protective properties.

Nuclear industry: Due to their high melting point and radiation resistance properties, ferrotungsten alloys are widely used in the nuclear energy sector. They are used in nuclear reactors for fuel rods, nuclear fuel cladding and internal nuclear reactor components.