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Notes of using ferro molybdenum

Date: Jan 6th, 2023
Ferro molybdenum is an amorphous metal additive in the production process and has several excellent properties to transfer to zinc alloys. The main advantage of ferro molybdenum alloys is hardenability, which makes the steel solderable. Ferro molybdenum is one of the five high melting point metals in China. The properties of ferro molybdenum allow it to add a protective film over other metals, suitable for a variety of products.

We should pay attention to the following points when using ferro molybdenum alloy:
1. The alloy conforming to the standard requirements has microcrystalline structure and blunt cross section. If there are bright little stars in the section of the alloy, it indicates that the sulfur content is high and the section is shiny and shiny, which is characteristic of the high silicon content in the alloy.
2. Packaging, storage and transportation: Products are packed in iron drums and tons of bags. If the user has special requirements, both parties can agree on storage and transportation. Storage should have stable performance, suppliers can deliver goods. Ferro molybdenum delivered in bulk.