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what are the precautions for the installation of tundish nozzle?

Date: Dec 23rd, 2022
Tundish nozzle is a commonly used part in steelmaking industry, so what are the precautions for the installation of tundish nozzle
(1) After the pouring of the mechanism, after the disassembly of the mechanism, it is necessary to let the mechanism completely cool before installation, or change a new set of mechanisms for turnover, in order to extend the service life of the mechanism.
(2) After disassembling the mechanism, all parts on the body of the mechanism must be disassembled for testing. Parts include the following: main spring, left front spring, right front spring, clamping ring, spring assembly, water spring, spherical bolt, hex bolt, heat shield plate.
(3) The quick-change mechanism disassembled after pouring must be cleaned and soaked with diesel oil or rosin.
In the process of using the quick water exchange mechanism, it is easy to crack the sliding plate, resulting in broken pouring and affecting the production. Therefore, we should do the above work when installing and maintaining the fast water exchange mechanism to prevent the impact of the service life and production quality of the fast water exchange mechanism.