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The role of silicon carbon briquette

Date: Dec 8th, 2022

1. Silicon carbon briquette can play a good deoxidation effect, the use of silicon carbon briquette in the steel industry can reduce the deoxidation time by 10~30%, which is mainly attributed to the silicon carbon briquette inside the rich content of silicon element, silicon element in steelmaking is an indispensable important deoxidation element, chemical good people know that silicon and oxygen has a very stable affinity, Silicon dioxide can be generated. Silicon carbon briquettes contain rich silicon elements, so the use of silicon carbon briquettes for steelmaking can play a rapid deoxidation application.

2. Silicon carbon briquette in the steelmaking industry can not only deoxygenation is so simple, because it can quickly reduce the oxygen content in the molten steel, so it can virtually reduce the oxide in the molten steel greatly improve the purity of the steel quality is greatly improved, so the silicon carbon briquette also has the application of reducing smelting slag.

3. The role of silicon carbon briquettes in casting is still very important. The use of silicon carbon briquettes in casting can play a good promoting role, which can promote the lattication of graphite and the formation of spheroidal ink, improve the quality of casting, and greatly reduce the occurrence of hot metal nozzle blockage.