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How To Prepare Ingredients For Smelting Ferrosilicon

Date: Jan 11th, 2024
First: accurate dosing and weighing

  Silica and coke used to produce ferrosilicon should be weighed in accordance with strict weighing, if the weighing is not allowed, the furnace condition is not easy to grasp, and may even be out of the scrap. Therefore, the dosing work should be careful, but also often check the accuracy of the weighing tool, found problems should be adjusted or repaired in time.

Second: according to the strict smelting order to put batching

  In the production of ferrosilicon when put in the order is also very important, coke heap specific gravity of about 0.5 ~ 0.6 silica heap specific gravity of about 1.5 ~ 1.6, the heap specific gravity of steel chips for 1.8 ~ 2.2. raw material heap specific gravity is very different. In order to mix the furnace charge evenly, the dosing sequence is coke, silica, and then steel chips. Adopting such a dosing method, the charge can be mixed more evenly after descending from the charge pipe. Charge mixing uniformity has a great impact on smelting. In order to make the furnace material mixed evenly, each time only allowed to measure a batch of material, each hopper stock material for more than two batches of material.

Third: Where can I buy quality ferrosilicon products?

  If you do not have the ability to produce ferrosilicon products, then find a reliable ferrosilicon manufacturers to supply is very important thing, which ferrosilicon manufacturers can supply quality ferrosilicon products? Zhenan Metallurgy has a more complete production equipment and facilities, experienced, ferrosilicon products are supplied in accordance with international standards, Zhenan Metallurgy metallurgical people seriously and responsibly treat every customer is our eternal goal, Xu encountered problems in the use of the product, Zhenan Metallurgy can be a serious solution to any of the difficulties you encountered, welcome to consult with the Zhenan Metallurgy we will be happy to serve you, thank you!