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Graphite Electrode
Graphite Electrode
Graphite Electrode
Graphite Electrode
Graphite Electrode
Graphite Electrode
Graphite Electrode
Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode

Graphite electrodes are made of high-quality petroleum coke and asphalt, and are made through calcination, batching, kneading, molding, baking, graphitization, and mechanical processing. The graphite electrode joints are made through three impregnations and four baking processes.
Suitable For High Precision Processing
Good Mechanical Strength And Easy To Process
Graphite Electrode

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Graphite electrodes are widely used in foundries for melting and casting metals due to their good electrical conductivity, heat resistance, and durability. Foundries use a variety of graphite electrodes, such as low resistance graphite electrodes or high density graphite electrodes, depending on their specific needs.

Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode
Ultra-high power graphite electrode, with extremely low resistivity and extremely high conductivity.
Usually made of high purity petroleum coke or needle coke.
Mainly used in fields requiring high current and high power, such as arc furnace smelting.

High Power Graphite Electrode
High power graphite electrode, with lower resistivity than ordinary graphite electrode and higher conductivity.
Made of pre-oxidized petroleum coke or needle coke.
Commonly used in medium-sized electric arc furnaces, aluminum electrolysis industry, etc.

Regular Power Graphite Electrode
Moderate resistivity
Low resistivity compared to UHP, high resistivity compared to HP, at a medium level.
Good conductivity
Although not as good as UHP, it has higher conductivity than HP graphite electrodes.
Moderate cost
The manufacturing process is relatively simple, and the cost is lower than UHP, but higher than HP graphite electrodes.
Wide range of applications
Can be used for small and medium-sized arc furnace smelting, aluminum electrolysis industry, foundry industry, etc.

Graphite electrode sale

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Technical Specification of UHP Graphite Electrode
Dia. Resistance Density Flexure Strength Elastic Modulus Ash Content CTE Current Load Current Density
(inch) (≤, µΩ·m) (≥, g/cm3) (≥, MPa) (≤, GPa) (≤, %) (100 °C – 600 °C)
(≤, 10-6/°C)
(A) (A/cm2)
10 5.5 1.67 11 14 0.3 1.5 8100–12200 20–30
12 5.5 1.67 11 14 0.3 1.5 15000–22000 20–30
14 5.5 1.67 11 14 0.3 1.5 20000–30000 20–30
16 5.5 1.67 11 14 0.3 1.5 25000–40000 19–30
18 5.5 1.66 11 14 0.3 1.5 32000–45000 19–27
20 5.5 1.66 11 14 0.3 1.4 38000–55000 18–27
22 5.5 1.66 11 14 0.3 1.4 42000–66000 17–26
24 5.5 1.66 11 14 0.3 1.4 49000–76000 17–26
Graphite Electrode Size & Tolerance
Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
Nominal Diameter Actual Diameter Nominal Length Tolerance Short Length
(inch) (mm) (max.) (min.) (rough spot)
10 250 256 251 248 1600/1800 ±100 -275
12 300 307 302 299 1600/1800
14 350 357 352 349 1600/1800
16 400 409 403 400 1600/1800/2000/2200
18 450 460 454 451 1600/1800/2000/2200
20 500 511 505 502 1800/2000/2200/2400
22 550 562 556 553 1800/2000/2200/2400
24 600 613 607 604 2000/2200/2400

Graphite electrodes are widely used in the production of alloy steel, metal and other non-metallic materials.

DC arc furnace: DC arc furnace is a device that uses a DC arc for melting. Graphite electrodes are used as electrodes in arc furnaces, and they play the role of current conduction and arc maintenance. In DC arc furnaces, by controlling the position and intensity of the arc, graphite electrodes can provide the required heat and chemical reaction conditions for melting alloy steel, metals and other non-metallic materials.

AC arc furnace: AC arc furnace is a device that uses an AC arc for melting. Similar to DC arc furnaces, graphite electrodes also play the role of arc maintenance and current conduction in AC arc furnaces. Graphite electrodes can melt alloy steel and other metal materials through the high temperature generated by the arc.

Submerged arc furnace: Submerged arc furnace is a device used for smelting metals, usually for extracting useful metals from metal ores. Graphite electrodes are used as electrodes in submerged arc furnaces, and the metal ores are melted and the metal is separated from other impurities through current conduction and the high temperature generated by the arc.

Ladle furnace: Ladle furnace is a device used for steelmaking, which is used for deoxidation, alloying and temperature control in molten steel. Graphite electrodes are used as electrodes in ladle furnaces, where they melt solid steel blocks into molten steel through current conduction and heat generated by the arc, and perform the necessary processing steps to obtain the desired steel properties.
Graphite electrode application

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