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Ferro Tungsten 70
Ferro Tungsten 70
Ferro Tungsten 70
Ferro Tungsten 70
Ferro Tungsten 70
Ferro Tungsten 70
Ferro Tungsten 70
Ferro Tungsten 70

Ferro Tungsten 70

Ferro tungsten is iron alloy(tungsten: 70%~80%), is composed of iron and tungsten alloy, used as additive in steel making.
Transport Package:
100kg / Iron Drum
Ferro Tungsten is an alloy agent for steelmaking consisting mainly of tungsten and iron.  It also contains manganese, silicon, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur, copper, tin and other impurities. Ferro Tungsten is prepared from wolframite by carbon reduction in an electric furnace. It is mainly used as alloying element additive for tungsten containing alloy steel (such as high-speed steel). 
As an experienced manufacturers in China, ZhenAn offers high quality ferro tungsten. And our ferro tungsten is tested at every stage to ensure physical and chemical propertie.
Grade  Chemical composition   %
W C P S Si Mn Cu As Sb Sn
FeW70 ≥70.0 0.8 0.06 0.1 1 0.6 0.18 0.1 0.05 0.1

Q: What's your main products?
A: Our main products are all kinds of alloy materials including ferromolybdenum,ferrotungsten,ferro titanium,ferro vanadium,ferro silicon magnesium, ferro silicon, ferro manganese, silicon carbide, ferro chrome and cast iron, etc.

Q:How do you control the products quality? 
A:We have our own lab with advanced testing device.Products will be strictly inspected before shipment,to guarantee that the goods is qualified.

Q: Why choose us?
A: 1.High experienced & excellent technology : Over the years, we have been engaged in the metallurgical industry ,to provide us with the industry's leading experience and advanced technology.  2.Competitive price : We have our factory,all the products we sales are factory direct sale and the prices we offered are the favorable price. 3.Strict quality control : We have strict quality control system,from material purchasing to product selling.