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Ferro Vanadium 80
Ferro Vanadium 80
Ferro Vanadium 80
Ferro Vanadium 80
Ferro Vanadium 80
Ferro Vanadium 80
Ferro Vanadium 80
Ferro Vanadium 80

Ferro Vanadium 80

Ferro vanadium is a kind of ferro alloy, which can be obtained by reducing vanadium pentoxide in an electric furnace with carbon, or by reducing vanadium pentoxide by the electric furnace si-thermo method.
10-50mm; 50-100mm;10-100mm; etc.
Ferrovanadium is vanadium based master alloy used for steel microstructure modification purposes, improvement of its strength and hardness.
Ferro Vanadium from ZhenAn is a crude which is formed by combining iron and vanadium with a vanadium content range of 35%-85%, which is used in cast iron and steel industry. 
Ferrovanadium 80 increases hardenability and resistance to tempering. It is used to enhance toughness, resistance of steel to alternating loads. Ferrovanadium is also used to obtain fine-grained structure of steel.
 FeV composition (%)
Grade V Al P Si C
FeV80-A 78-82 1.5 0.05 1.50 0.15
FeV80-B 78-82 2.0 0.06 1.50 0.20

Q: Are you the factory or the trading company?
A: We are the direct-sale factory with our own trading company, they are located and registered in the same address. Our factory has 30 years experience in the filed of alloy products.
Q: What's your main products?
A: Our main products are all kinds of alloy materials for foundry and casting industry, including nodularizer/spheroidizer, inoculant, cored wire, ferro silicon magnesium, ferro silicon, silicon barium calcium inoculant, ferro manganese, silicon manganese alloy, silicon carbide, ferro chrome and cast iron, etc.
Q: How can you guarantee the quality?
A: We have the most professional workers for production and testing of the products, most advanced production equipment and testing equipment. For every batch of products, we will test the chemical composition and to make sure it can reach the quality standard that customers required before they are dispatched to the customers.