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Ferro Manganese
Low Carbon Ferro Manganese
High Carbon Ferro Manganese
Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese
Ferro Manganese
Low Carbon Ferro Manganese
High Carbon Ferro Manganese
Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese

Ferro Manganese

Ferro Manganese, which is a deoxidizing agent which can be commonly used in steel making. It also has the property of desulfurize and decrease the harm of sulfur. So, it's a good additive in steelmaking and casting.
Ferro Manganese
Ferro Manganese, a ferroalloy with high content of manganese, is made by heating a mixture of the oxides MnO2 and Fe2O3, with carbon, usually as coal and coke, in either a blast furnace or an electric arc furnace-type system, called a submerged arc furnace. The oxides undergo carbothermal reduction in the furnaces, producing the ferro manganese. Ferro manganese is used as a deoxidizer for steel. Ferromanganese is divided into high carbon ferro manganese (7% C), medium carbon ferro manganese (1.0 ~ 1.5% C) and low carbon ferro manganese (0.5%C) etc.

  Mn C Si P S 10-50mm
Low Carbon Ferro Manganese 80 0.4 2.0 0.15/0.3 0.02
80 0.7 2.0 0.2/0.3 0.02
Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese 78 1.5/2.0 2.0 0.2/0.35 0.03
75 2.0 2.0 0.2/0.35 0.03
High Carbon Ferro Manganese 75 7.0 2.0 0.2/0.3 0.03
65 7.0 2.0 0.2/0.3 0.03

1. Mainly used as alloy additives and deoxidizer in steelmaking.
2. Used as alloy agent ,widely applied to be widely applied to alloy steel, such as structural steel, tool steel, stainless and heat-resistant steel and abrasion-resistant steel.
3. It also has the performance that it can desulfurize and decrease the harmfulness of sulfur. So when we make steel and cast iron, we always need certain account of manganese.

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